Department of Hydrology

 The department was established in 1398 of the Hegira (1978), as one of the four departments in the faculty of Meteorology, Environment, and Arid land Agriculture. This department is focusing on studies that are related to managing surface water, groundwater, water resources, irrigation, and drainage.



To prepare distinguished, scientifically oriented and highly qualified graduates to meet the job market needs in the field of hydrology and water resources management. 



  • To prepare distinguished and qualified graduates in the field of hydrology and water resources including surface water, groundwater, urban hydrology, irrigation and integrated water resources management.
  • To prepare qualified graduates capable of competing in the job market.
  • To activate the participation of students in research and consultation studies in the department.
  • To develop students’ skills in the preparation and writing of technical reports.
  • To develop students’ practical, analytical and research skills.
  • To build students' capacity for self-learning and self-development.
  • To train students to utilize new technologies in the field of hydrology.
  • To emphasize learning values and work ethics within the program.